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Fellowships, Conferences and Associations:
The Limits of the Liberal Quaker Reinvention of Meeting Polity.

Pamphlet, Beacon Hill Friends House, 2004. Buy from BHFH

The same text can be found (along with a number of other excellent articles on various aspects of same-gender marriage as an issue for Friends) in The Bible, the Church, and the Future of Friends, ed. Chuck Fager (Wallingford, PA: Pendle Hill, 1996). Buy from FGC

The Modernist Reinvention of Quakerism:
The Independent Meetings in New England, 1920-1950

MA thesis, Andover Newton Theological School, (self-published, 1997)
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Rufus Jones video -- Served on advisory committee and made my film debut.

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“Different Kinds of Friends” Cobblestone issue on Quakers (Vol. 16 No. 10, Dec. 1995).

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Other Cobblestone articles appear in their issues on the Spanish-American War (1999), Freedom of Speech (1998), Freedom of Religion (2000), and Voting Rights (2004).

Antoinette Brown Blackwell: A Biography (Feminist Press, 1983).

Antoinette was born in 1825 in the “burned-over district” of western New York, attended Oberlin College with her good friend Lucy Stone, worked with Susan B. Anthony in the woman’s rights and suffrage movements, was the first woman in modern times ordained as a minister (1853), raised five daughters with a husband who shared the housework, and lived to vote for Warren G. Harding in the 1920 Presidential election.

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“Rufus Matthew Jones: Brief Life of a Practical Mystic, 1863-1948,” Harvard Magazine, May-June 1999.

"Quaker Money, Old Money and White Privilege"

Download PDF version here (1.7 mb)

Article in the July 2006 edition of Friends Journal. (PDF). ©2006 Friends Publishing Corporation. Reprinted with permission, Back issues of the July 2006 "Quakers and Money" issue of Friends Journal can be purchased here or by calling them at 800-471-6863.

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